Our Political Soapbox Rules

We are NOT Facebook, Twitter or Fake News

The Rules

There are very few rules.  Threatening bodily harm will get you banned if someone complains.  Criminal activity will also get you banned.  Note that there is no automated filter on any of your posts.  Unless someone complains, we have no desire to look at what you post.  We also reserve the right to remove all posts more than 30 days old.

Calling someone an idiot or a pervert or a racist or a genocidal monster will not get you banned but everyone can block you if you do that without cause.  There is no Constitutional law against hate speech, online bullying or any of the other infringements on your rights to say whatever you want about anything.

When you sign up we need an email address and a phone number that can receive text messages.  We will never share either with anyone.  Unlike most of the other social media companies that have been careless with email addresses, passwords and phone numbers, ours are never stored anywhere unencrypted.  You will be given a usercode and a password which you cannot change.  You are responsible for sharing of your usercode and password.  We only care about your email and phone number in case you forget your usercode or password and cannot log in.

You agree to personally pay damages to the owners of this website and all members if you are a law enforcement official and you violate anyone's Constitutional Rights as defined by the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.  You agree that the Constitution superceeds all local laws of your juristiction and agree to testify against your employer if you violate anyone's Constititional Rights at their direction.  You also agree to be personally responsible for damages of not less than $100,000 US Dollars and not more than 1 million US Dollars.  You may, of course, participate in this blog as a private citizen provided you are not fishing or otherwise tricking people into doing something they would not otherwise do.

We also view this forum as a way of sharing uncensored information.  If you want to post a links to any other website including the dark web, feel free to do so.  But please be careful not to send malware to other people.  And be careful about the links you receive in private messages.  We have no control over the content of any private message.

When you create an account you must agree to all the Rules.

All information about you and all posts you make are stored in a database.  Within that database, your usercode, password, email address and phone number are encrypted.

Although this is a political forum, you are allowed to talk about your cat or hunting trip. :)