Political Soapbox, Our Forum's Messaging Features

Uncensored and Secure Messaging

Our Messaging System is a hybrid between email and systems like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Unlike Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc, your messages are secure.  We are not selling your information to telemarketers or advertisers.  We have no advertisers.  We are not monitoring your messages for politically incorrect words or anything else.  So if you live in a nation that does not honor freedom of speach, you can feel secure here. 

Like email, you must physically log in and check to know if you have received any messages.  Unlike email, message delivery is nearly instantaneous, you can see if your message has been read and you can carry on a private conversation with anyone who has not blocked you.

If you block people they cannot send messages to you but you can send to them.  They cannot post on your topics or comments but you can post on theirs - until they catch on and block you too.

You can see whether people have read your messages but not whether they have read the Subject Line in the list.  If you delete a message that you have sent and it has not been read, it will simply disappear and cannot be read by the recipient.

You can format your messages regarding font, font size, bold, text alignment, etc.  Messages can be very large

You can add pictures from your computer to your message. You can also add video links to Youtube or Google Drive and add video files from your device.

We WILL remove old messages so if you want to save something, copy and paste it on your device.  This means that if you forget to remove an embarassing message, it will be automatically removed in a week or 2 by the system.

Our datebase is secure and not in the USA and all messages in the database are encrypted so you are save from hostile governments and hackers.  Your only risk is if you do not clear the browser history on your device or use an unsafe browser from Microsoft or Google, etc.  We recommend Brave.

Our application is still being enhanced.  We have another App, psquawk.com that is a direct competitor to Twitter.  pSquawk is fully mobile friendly.