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For a limited time the Standard plan is free to Charter Members and you will be a Charter Member.  After the deadline, probably election day, new members will start with a trial membership but will have to upgrade after the trial period. It is therefore to your advantage to join as a Free Charter Member today!

Freedon isn't Free! Many of us served in the military for these freedoms. Many others died. We have created these 2 Apps, pSoapbox and pSquawk to help protect everyone's freedoms. This represents over 1000 hours of work which you now benefit from. We would dearly like a donation. Please! Freedom is not Free!

A paid membership forum does not sell advertising and therefore there will be no advertisers asking for personal information about you.  Note that we only accept PayPal although PayPal can process credit cards.  Therefore we never have credit card information and the less we know about you the better.  Everything we do know about you, your email address and password, is encrypted and never visible to hackers.

Rather than attempting to fit 10 quarts (or liters) of water into a 1 quart bottle as other social media try to do, and to fail miserably trying to do so, we ask you to be reasonable.  Use a regular computer or perhaps a newer and larger tablet.  It isn't physically possible to compress water and it isn't possible to give you an acceptable experience without an acceptably sized screen.  Maybe you can use a larger cell phone in landscape mode and do a few things on our Soapbox but you are going to like this App much more on a real computer.

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